Retail Wine Sales

Retail Wine Sales

Dedalus Wine
Burlington, Vermont
Retail · Store

$17/hr - $20/hr · Full time


Dedalus exists to shape wine culture. The wine retail department is immediately central to this mission and maintains some of the greatest influence with our goals as a company. Our foremost role is to actively support and guide our guests in their shopping experience as wine professionals, ensuring the right wines and foods make it onto their tables, based on what they’re seeking. As wine sales consultants, we show interest in every person who walks through the door. We are welcoming and confident; easy going guides to enjoyment at whatever level the customer is exploring with an eye towards taking them to new levels of enjoyment they might not be aware of. Sales, when done correctly, is a service. We want to use our wine knowledge to put more great wine in everybody’s hands. We are doing something fun, important and worthwhile that ultimately makes life better. We carry those ideas with us all the time.

The position as a lead wine sales consultant is responsible for cultivating and maintaining the experience and environment a guest has when they step through our doors. From how we greet people as they arrive, how we sell them wine, and how we take care of the space we work in, this is all the responsibility of our wine sales consultants. This job carries the weight of a lot of responsibility, as it directly correlates to the experience of our guests. You are expected to offer customer service at the highest level, while maintaining a beautiful, thoughtful environment for our guests to shop and spend time in. There is also included responsibility for assisting in leading the wine sales team in their strategy, sales tactics, and relationship building with guests.

The people who achieve excellence in this role are those who take pride in every aspect of their role. Whether it’s selling an expensive bottle of Burgundy to a guest or cleaning the toilets, the team members who succeed as wine sales consultants see each task as integral to the experience of Dedalus and want everything to look and feel top notch. These people don’t see themselves as better than any task, no matter the length of their tenure with Dedalus, as they maintain a willingness to perform every type of task at the highest level. Their customer service is phenomenal - greeting guests by their first name, taking their time with them, remembering their wine and food preferences are things that these team members prioritize. The people who achieve excellence in this role pay attention to every finite detail. They take a sense of personal responsibility for the space, fixing things when they see something is off, working to improve systems that need work, and taking pride in the hospitality of the space. Their wine knowledge can range from intermediate to expert. Anyone can learn about wine, not everyone has a natural ability to work hard. Those who excel as lead wine sales consultants have incredible work ethic, a team mentality, innate leadership skills, and natural passion to learn about wine as much as possible, both on and off the clock.

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