Matchwood Brewing Company
Sandpoint, Idaho
Producer · Manufacturer

$15/hr - $20/hr · Full time


Manager: ​This position reports to the Head of Production Position Location: ​Sandpoint, Idaho
Hours: ​30-40 hours per week.

Matchwood Brewing Company is Sandpoint, ID's neighborhood brewery where personal connections foster positive community change through the power of dialogue and laughter -- one delicious handcrafted beer at a time.​ The production team at Matchwood Brewing Company is a small cohort of brewing professionals that work together to make great beer. As a brewer, your primary role will be the operation of specialized brewing equipment to safely produce and maintain quality control throughout all aspects of the brewing cellaring, aging, and packaging processes.

1. Certification or degree in brewing science or brewing related field and/or degree/coursework from a recognized brewing school is a plus, but not a requirement
2. Must possess basic mathematical computational ability and have basic computer functions and knowledge, including Google Drive.
3. Team Player – with strong interpersonal and communication skills
4. Interpersonal Skills – ability to actively listen and cooperatively solve problems, relates well to others,
works well in a team environment
5. Innovative/Creative – fresh ideas, ability to think “outside of the box” when necessary
6. Personal Integrity – exhibits a high degree of professionalism and commitment to following through and
achieving results
7. Time Management – is able to triage and prioritize both day to day and longer-term projects
8. Results-Focused – self-motivated, work as hard and long as needed to achieve results

Job Requirements
1. Reliable transportation for work, on-site, in Sandpoint, Idaho.
2. Ability to work a flexible schedule including evening, weekends, and holidays & being on-call for
3. Must be able to perform simple grasping, fine manipulation, and repetitive hand and arm movements
4. Must be able to bend, squat, crawl, kneel, push, pull, and walk on uneven surfaces on an occasional
5. While primarily an indoor job, must be able to walk outside in a variety of weather conditions (rain, wind,
snow, heat)
6. Must be able to work in hot, cold, and wet environments
7. Must be able to climb stairs both inside and outside
8. Must be able to drive vehicles with either a manual and/or automatic transmission
9. Position requires standing for long periods of time bending, stooping, twisting, and frequently lifting
products and materials weighing up to 175 pounds
10. Routine pushing, pulling, reaching, upper body and arm rotation, arm extension, and climbing ladders
11. Very high noise levels in/around the brewing area
12. Exposure to various temperature changes
13. Able to wear required Personal Protective Equipment ( glasses, gloves, boots, etc.)

1. The brewer must promote, work, and act in a manner consistent with the mission and values of Matchwood Brewing Company.
2. The brewer will provide their supervisor with real-time information and feedback pertaining to all aspects of the brewery and brewing equipment to ensure informed decisions can be made in the best interest of Matchwood Brewing Company and our customers and staff.
3. Propose new styles of beers with unique brewing processes and/or ingredients.
4. Review and make suggestions to improve beer recipes and production process.
5. Provide leadership for the brewery service staff through education and training.

Brewing Operations
1. Maintain a clean and hygienic space.
2. Possess a comprehensive understanding of brewing science, brewhouse and cellar operations, and
3. Monitor the supply of raw materials and other inventory items.
4. Use and follow written standard operating procedures. If necessary, update or create new written SOPs.
5. Responsible for the full lifecycle of the beer, from receiving inventory to the carbonation level in brite
6. Complete the brewing process in a safe and efficient manner including milling, mashing, lautering,
boiling, knock out, and yeast pitching.
Cellar Operations
1. Follow written Standard Operating Procedures to:
a. Breakdown and clean FV and BT and Brewhouse.
b. Clean Kegs
c. Clean Draft Lines
d. Ensure safe, sanitary, and efficient transfers between vessels.
e. Crop and pitch yeast to appropriate levels.
f. Count yeast cells post knockout and pitching.
2. Monitor pressure,, gravities, and temperature of fermenting beers on a daily basis and record in log to ensure records are accurate and up to date
3. Monitor pressures in tanks at all times.
4. Monitor quality, flavor, and carbonation of all beers
Please send Resume and Professional references to:

1. Label all kegs and other packaged products in accordance with Federal and State law using appropriate keg collars, labels, and batch codes.
2. Identify label needs for kegs and other packaged products and work with owners to ensure packaging and labels are in stock and available for real-time use.
Quality Control
1. Participate in beer tasting to ensure quality.
2. Follow all brewery procedures and current developments in local, state, and federal laws applicable to
the production of and safe food handling, health standards, etc.
3. Alert Head of Production immediately of any quality control issues.
Inventory Management
1. Monitor, crop, store, and pitch yeast.
2. Take and record inventory counts specifically of the finished beer, grain, hops, chemicals, and cleaning
3. Support the Production team in ordering, taking shipment, and properly unpacking and storing all
inventory, as necessary.

Cleaning/ Maintenance
1. Maintain a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance schedule & ensure tasks are completed regularly and to the appropriate standard.
2. Follow and ​perform preventative maintenance on a weekly/monthly basis as required in cleaning schedules.
3. Keep the brewing facility clean on a day-to-day basis ​and ensure the brewing facility including brewhouse, tanks, cold room, equipment, sinks, supplies, shelving, and storage areas are clean and comply with established sanitation, personal hygiene, and health standards at all times.
4. Make recommendations to the supervisor for maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the facility and all equipment.
5. Ensure the safe handling of chemicals and equipment at all times.
Record Keeping & Documentation
1. Assist with TTB reporting and record-keeping
2. Be responsible for maintaining all required paperwork and records including but not limited to brew logs,
inventory sheets, packaging records, recipe sheets, etc.

Promotion & Education
1. Provide style and tasting sheet (template provided) for FOH and promotional use upon release of a new beer.
2. Available to assist in the taproom and be a positive representative of the brewery at events, as applicable.
3. Support the Head of Production in evaluating and considering opportunities to further the success of Matchwood Brewing Company.

Professional development

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